6/26/19 – Patrolling the Pond

Did we miss summer?  Let’s see, winter, spring….rain, cool weather, more ran, more rain, then down to the 40s at night……this is going to be an interesting season.

The weekends haven’t been too bad, still cool temps and the water temp goes up and down.  Has anyone noticed the clearness of the Pond again?  I think the Zebra attack is slowly returning to haunt us. I was trying to be positive and wish they had vanished from our midst; however, I feel they are going to run in a 3-4 year cycle.  The fish that the Association put in the last couple of years did seem to curb the problem, but we go again.  A couple of students from MU are attempting a study of our little friends; maybe they can assist us after their research is completed.

June is almost over, and we are looking ahead to the 4th of July.  Since the 4th falls on a Thursday, the Association has declared the holidays will run from July the 4th through July 7th; that is, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  The one-person skiing or on a tube will be applied those four days and the specific holiday rules for skiing, sailing, and PWCs will be in force on the 4th only.  Footnote……. the patrol will remove all PWCs at 8:00 PM on the 4th.  Remember, residents that live across the dam, the road from the Marina to Z block will be closed at 5:00 PM and will not reopen until all debris from the show has been cleared off the road.  In the past, the dam road is closed till about 11:30 PM, so friends/guests leaving that side of the lake will need to go out Gate 7.

Boaters make sure your lights on your watercraft are in compliance and working for the evening of the 4th.  That is a red/green on the bow and a white light that is highly visible on the stern.  Pontoon owners…….still too many individuals run their flood lights while traveling across the Pond.  Flood lights can only be applied when mooring or when you are approaching a stationary watercraft.

I have stopped a few watercraft on the wrong side of the lake.  I ask them to be at least in the middle.  Each driver informed me that they were using the sailing buoys as their guide.  Sorry, not all the sail buoys are in the middle of the lake, two of them especially……there are six; four of them run east-west and two run north-south.   

I continue to check docks for lot-block being posted.  Still way too many citations, most are missing block letter.  It only takes 5 minutes to check your structure, if not you’ll get 3 points and I will return to check if the homeowner complies.  Such a waste of time and money.

Besides the Zebra Mussels in the lake we continue to find plastic water and juice bottles floating, this is the third year.  Did Canada ship some of their junk to our lake?    I was talking to a few of our residents about this problem and a couple suggested that boaters should keep trash bags or netted bags for their trash……nice concept.

Rain in the forecast again and cloudy weather, maybe we will see actual summer days ahead.

See ya.