6/12/19 – Patrolling the Pond

Did anyone see Noah’s Ark traveling west on the Pond?  I can’t remember a spring this crazy in years.  Last night’s tornado in Kansas and part of Missouri gave me flash-backs of the one back in the 60s that hit the Grandview-Belton area.

On a plus side, Memorial Day weekend didn’t turn out too bad, the mornings were a little creepy; however, by afternoon the sun came out and so did the boaters.  Goat Hill had a nice crowd, and everyone seemed to play nice on the Pond.  There were a few ski flag problems as usual……remember the flag must always stay perpendicular upright during the boat’s movement, not flying back at a 45-degree angle.  Another concern is when people try to cross to the other side of the lake moving at a 40-degree angle and on the wrong side for over 200 yards.  When one wants to cross the lake, check both directions and then make a 90 degree turn and go straight across……it is not difficult.  When I stopped a few of the watercraft not going counterclockwise their response was, “Oh my bad.”  My response was, “Oh my bad, this will be 6 points next time.”  We have almost 3,000 power boats registered this season; we must think safety first.

I’ve covered more than half the lake looking for 2019 decals on watercraft and have already written 42 citations and as predicted will write another 50 or so yet.  As stated earlier this is such a waste of time and money.  Here is the process……first I go out, there is my time and gas.  I must record the watercraft and take a picture.  (Have you priced printer ink lately?)  Then after my shift I go to the office and it usually takes me an hour to complete 18 citations at a time, then take the citations (with pics) to the office.  The office staff reviews the citation, checks the address against our records then either Laura or Jan signs off on them.  From here Connie records and make copies of the citations and checks for previous violations.  Next step, address a letter to the homeowner, places a stamp on the envelope and mails it.  That is a lot of work and wasted time for something that could be taken care of in a few minutes by the homeowner.  My next round will be checking docks for lot/block and registration plates……this also will go through the same process.  As of this writing, I have written 14 lot/block citations in A and B Block……way too many.  The issue is worn-out/faded letters and numbers.  Metal letters/numbers last so much longer.  Mine are going on 5 years and still look great.

Ski club will be starting soon.  They practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Yacht Club.  This group can legally ski into Sunset Cove.  Water Patrol usually sits at about M-36 and directs traffic away from this area.  If you want to moor at Goat Hill or visit N block, you will be informed to venture across the lake to V block past Sunrise Cove to Goat Hill.  If visiting N block continue to hug the shoreline until you’re well past the Yacht Club not creating waves for the young skiers.  In the past I have noticed several boaters anchor in Sunrise watching the kids as they practice for Lotawana Day.  It’s neat to see how much progress they make each week. 

Let’s hope for a little more sunshine and less moisture as the summer begins on the Pond.

See Ya.