6/22/22 – Patrolling the Pond

     The weather has sort of moved in a better direction, but Mother Nature still can’t make up her mind to be hot, rain, lots of clouds, or a bit of blue sky.  The temperature is moving upward a bit showing us that summer is very close.

     Well, our new game out here of “Bumper Cove Buoys” continues.  I hauled in buoy #3 this weekend, complete with rips and tears apparently from a prop.  I stay amazed how and why we have so many bad boat drivers this season.

     On an upside, the Marina 27 has been busy as can be.  The weekend of June 10-12 saw lots of happy faces with great food and music heard on the patio.  Even the back parking lot on top of the hill was filled with cars during the dinner hours and the Brunches on Sat & Sun were well attended.  I have observed several homeowners have followed my advice about mooring their watercraft at the Marina.  If you are among the first boats to arrive always pull up nearest to the patio.  It makes parking so much easier for everyone.  When you take up the first slot on the dock it forces the next two watercraft to go around you and mooring then becomes a bit of a challenge.  Thank you to the individuals that are thinking of others First and mooring correctly.

     I still have two major gripes going on in the water:  One, boaters are still cutting across the lake at an angle.  Some people have joked with me, “Am I moving across at 90 degrees correctly?”   That is not the point…..example……My watercraft is coming from a dock in Z Block and I want to go to Goat Hill…..instead of going straight across, the boat is moving at an angle for more than 100 yards slowly cutting across.  This maneuver is taking way too long on the wrong side of the Pond…….this is really a factor when traffic picks up.  Of course, I always hear, “There is little traffic out so why do I need to cut straight across?”  It’s called Habit…..if you pick up “bad habits” now it will continue all of the time and of course the kids out here see you drive in this manner, so why can’t they?  Number 2……..way too many ski boats are still using suction cup flags OR they use a rope to tie the flag to their watercraft.  The Association outlawed suction cup flags nine years ago.  As soon as one starts moving the flag then projects backwards and is not visible.  Please don’t get me started in the thinking of tying a flag to your boat.  Remember you as the homeowner/boat driver have a responsibility for the safety of the kids you are pulling.  A flag posted properly is a “MUST” for our small lake.

     The 4th of July is approaching and are we ready?   I hope so.  I know many families will celebrate and take four days for this holiday…..Friday thru Monday………we will have many guests and relatives in attendance, please remember, you the homeowner are responsible for the actions of everyone in your party.  This includes shooting fireworks, behavior on land and on the water.  As far as the Patrol is concerned about fireworks, we will go out of our way with anything at goes airborne around boats, boathouses or off docks……GAS & FIREWORKS do not mix well.  We always have to write up 2-3 homeowners during the Fireworks Show shooting aerial materials off their watercraft with almost 1,000 boats moored or anchored around them……WHY?

     Please put a couple of Trash Bags on your watercraft.  We seem to accumulate a lot of plastic water and orange juice bottles floating in the water during the weekend along with the usual amount of beer cans.  Please keep our lake and community clean.

     FYI:  Lotawana Day will be the 23rd of July…….there are lots of activities planned says Kim Duncan.  The events and times will be posted.     Everyone is excited about breaking the Noodle Record, but SAFETY FIRST.     The area past the SUNSET COVE BUOYS around Goat Hill to 100 ft off the MYC DOCKS will be shut down for ANY traffic from 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM.   If you are going to the Yacht Club the speed limit is 5 mph past the normal cove buoy and staying inside the 100 ft.  People can run their boats/pontoons ashore at Goat Hill by NOON.  ABSOLUTELY no mooring or MOVING TRAFFIC in this designated area. 

 Please adhere to the Special Holiday Rules: 


  1. Only one skier/tuber is allowed to be pulled behind a watercraft all 3 Days.


4th of July Day Only – Monday July 4th


  1. Skiing is permitted from Sunrise to 10:00 AM then stop. You may return and ski from Noon to 2:00 PM
  2. PWCs are only allowed after 2:00 PM
  3. No wake surfing
  4. No sailboat starts before 8:00 AM or after 12:00 noon






     Stay safe and Drive Well!   Let’s not KILL any more Cove Buoys……please.