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5/23/18 – Patrolling the Pond

Welcome to the 2018 boating season.  I know everyone was anxious for some good weather to finally come upon us.  It was like every weekend it snowed or rained and thank heaven that is over.

The office has sold over 2,000 power boat decals so far, so there should be no excuses why the “Green” decal is not on every watercraft.  Remember, you can only have one on your watercraft per year.  They are usually rather difficult to remove, so one can easily place the 2018 sticker over last year’s.  After a few seasons, they will peel off.

Looks like another great boating season lies ahead.  Buddy Bass has been active for a few weeks, sailing just began, and the Ski Club will be in full swing right after Memorial Day Weekend……. I understand the club has a record number of our youth participating this year.  It’s good to see growth within our population on the water.

I hired four interns from UCM in Warrensburg and they will begin their tour of duty May 21st.  As always, I am available 24/7 when needed……water patrol number is 816-564-8250.

We will begin the season making sure ALL watercraft (kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, canoes, sailboats, PWCs, and power boats) have their decals on their craft along with lot and block.  Speaking of lot/block……two issues here……. I have hauled in several 100 feet orange buoys out of the main body.   One should have their lot/block on the buoy, so I can return it back to your lot.  Second issue with lot/block……I ask every year to please check your docking structures and make sure your lot/block and licenses plate are visible on the lake side and every year I have to write over 50 citations because of worn out or no lot/block is visible.  The stick-on letter/number decals wear off through one or two seasons.  I went on line and ordered 3-inch brass letter and numbers.  They are in their fourth season and still look great……just a suggestion.

I will also start the season looking for docks, sail lifts, piers, and PWC lifts that are in disrepair.  As many of you are aware, our docks have become “gold” and add value to our property, so maintenance is very important.

As always the big rules to follow are:  move counter-clock-wise around the lake, the exception is when sailing takes place on Saturday and Sunday, have a ski flag that is perpendicular at all times when skiing, 40 MPH for a speed limit (PWCs like to excel here), 10 MPH or no wake at dark, do not come within 50 feet of another watercraft when passing or meeting, always give the right-of-way to the slower moving craft (meaning canoe, kayak to the power craft), give way to the sailors and don’t make wakes around them, pontoons especially, do not use your flood lights on the water, they are for docking only, and when boating at night make sure your starboard/port and stern lights are working before you come out.

I’ve already run across several new residents; if you have one in your neighborhood, go over to introduce yourself and kindly make them aware of OUR boating regulations.

Memorial Day weekend is approaching and we anticipate a large crowd on the Pond.  Boating safety is necessary.  A Sailing Regatta will take place on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all at 10 AM.  On the Holiday itself (May 28th) the Restrictions are in place for the one day.  Water Skiing sunrise to 10 AM, Sailing 10 AM to about Noon.  Water Skiing again from Noon to 2:00 PM and then you are finished for the day.  PWCs can ONLY come out after 2:00 PM.  All other boating is usual with no restrictions.  On All Weekends, especially kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, canoes……you must stay in the cove areas or inside the 100 feet markers around the lake.  This is a safety issue to keep you from harm……Monday thru Friday if traffic is low, you are allowed in the main body.  I know some kayak groups like to venture out after dark.  I ask that you have the proper lighting on and you stay inside the 100 feet buoys.  At times there will also be sailboats out at night.  They are required to have a bright light illuminating their sail.

I’ve rambled on enough, everyone have a safe and great boating season and be respectful of one another and all will be well!