5/25/22 – Association News

Thank you again to Jeff Clemow, President of the Association, for his article in the last edition of the newspaper. We appreciate the Board of Directors and Jeff’s efforts thus far. We also want to thank the countless volunteers who gave up their time to help in the spring cleanup days. Over 40 people signed up this year. Seven dumpsters were filled with unwanted materials at gate 1. Again, thank you to all those who helped the 100+ members who took advantage of the cleanup days.

It is exciting to know that Memorial Holiday weekend is just one week away. It is always so great to see everyone enjoy the lake with family and friends. Please remember that the Holiday rules will be in effect from 6 pm Sunday evening through midnight on Memorial Day: water skiing/tubing from sunrise to 10:00 am and noon to 2:00 pm; PWC hours from 2:00 pm to ½ hour after sunset or 100 yards visibility; organized or scheduled sailboat events from 8:00 am to noon; and wake surfing is not allowed on weekends or holidays. In addition, for the entire 3-day weekend, no more than one skier/tuber is allowed at one time. The gas pump will be open from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Have a fantastic time at the lake this year but remember to be safe as you cannot turn back the hands of time.  Sorry, I am sure you are getting tired of hearing that from me, as is my family.

There are a couple of other housekeeping matters to review. First, crushed rock on driveways, parking pads and the like is causing substantial amounts of damage and too many hours of remedial work by our operations crew. The lake area is experiencing an unprecedented amount of crushed rock in our ditches and lake. Our rules specifically prohibit the placement of crushed rock in any new areas without the placement of permanent material over it. We are enforcing those rules and yes, I am aware that there are places that have only crushed rock. However, that goes back to my article explaining the distinct phases of development of the lake. For the good of the lake please follow the rules as they exist today, and frankly for this rule have for years. Another issue we are seeing is the unpermitted parking of docks at Goat Hill. Again, we are embarking upon a targeted compliance approach to keep the number of those docks to a minimum. Do not take anything to Goat Hill without FIRST coming to the office to determine if a temporary permit will be issued to you. On that same note, if you are in line for a new dock, please plan ahead and contact the office to see if you can have your dock taken directly to the spillway for destruction. We will let you know ahead of time if you should do that and how much the charge will be for that removal and destruction.

The deadline for boat stickers was May 1st. Ron and his summertime help will be enforcing that rule since it is now more than 3 weeks past the deadline.

On another note, this is a reminder that the parking at Marina 27 is limited, especially during the weekends and Holidays. Therefore, while it may be convenient, please do not have people park their vehicles at the marina and then pick them up from there to go for boat rides or other activities. Patrons of the restaurant need adequate parking. The continued success of the restaurant is obviously in the best interest of the Association and its membership.

Finally, there has been a dramatic uptick in dead catfish around the lake in recent weeks. Brad Barnhart and the fish committee are aware of the problem. Preliminary thoughts are that the fish are afflicted by some sort of fungus, parasite or disease. Brad has already arranged for a fish expert from the Missouri State Wildlife office to visit the lake as soon as possible to determine the probable cause of the problem, if it will spread to other species, and what, if anything, can be done about the issue. We will update you when reliable information is available.


Please call 816.578.4272 if we can assist you with membership needs. I also can be reached at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be safe! Harold