4/27/22 – Association News

Please remember that the Annual Spring Cleanup will be held on April 23 and 24th  from 9 am to 3 pm each day. The Association will have multiple dumpsters across from Marina 27 to discard all of your unwanted items. The Martin property at gate 6 will also be open for members to dispose of their limbs, leaves and other brush removed from your lake property. Please remember that only items from the lake will be accepted.

The preparation is underway for dredging Buffalo cove. The dredge was hoisted onto a transport trailer and launched into the lake at the end of Sunrise Bay. Docks are being moved in order to make room for the dredging process. While on that subject, we have run into several situations where people are refusing to move their docks or they do not want any docks temporarily moored next to their dock. Please be so kind to understand that dredging is for the betterment of the lake as a whole and thus some temporary inconvenience may come your way. We ask for your patience and kindness in order to facilitate the dredging process. We hope it will only be for 3 to 4 weeks for these docks will be scattered about the lake. It is also instructive to note that dredging will continue to become more and more bothersome as the shoreline continues to fill up with more and larger docks. Right now our unscientific approach shows that only 14% of the shoreline remains open. It is also more difficult to move docks because most of the new docks on the lake are much larger in size as compared to the past.

The annual election of Directors occurred in March, with the subsequent election of Officers in April. Congratulations to Jeff Clemow (President), Jeff Moore (Vice President) Chris Lang (Secretary), Peggy Rudder (Treasurer) and Kyle Twenter (Sergeant-at-Arms). The current makeup of the Board members reflects eight percent (8%) of the district members being part-time residents. However, part-time residents now make up 45% of the population. These facts are something to consider next March when elections are held for the even-numbered districts.

Recently there has been an uptick in complaints from neighbors regarding lights on houses being bothersome as far as their brightness and duration of time they are illuminated. There are both a City Ordinance, as well as an Association rule regarding this topic. The Rule states:


Spotlights and Shore lights should not be used in any fashion that

invades the privacy of others. Shore lights, boathouse lights and/or

Dock lights shall not be mounted or directed in such a manner, as to

present a hazard to boat navigation or in a manner that is

objectionable to other residents (3 pts.).

Another reoccurring matter we are seeing is the starting of construction projects without construction permits from the Association office. Please remember to check with the Association office before starting any construction project is begun to determine whether your project requires a permit and associated road impact fees. A City permit may also be required.

The Association is still looking to hire several employees to bolster its operations workforce. We have openings for several general laborers, as well as equipment operators. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have her or him contact the office for more details.

We are available at 816.578.4272 if we can help answer any questions or concerns. Please also feel free to call me directly at 913.305.7181 or email me at haroldmitts@lakelotawana.net. Be Safe! Harold