3/14/18 – Association News

With the weather getting better, construction activity is picking up.  A few gentle reminders are in order.  There are many projects that require permits from the Association.  Basically, we require permits to enforce the Rules and Regulations and the Deed of Restrictions of the Association.  Also, many activities take their toll on the roads.  Since we receive no state or local taxes to maintain them, several years ago the membership voted to assess a “road impact fee” which helps to defray some of the costs involved in certain projects involving truck deliveries.  Any new builds, additions, concrete flatwork, retaining walls (including seawalls), decks, and roofs will generate a road impact fee.  Any dumpsters or PODs will also require a permit for the same reason.  New docks built at the marina will generate a “dock impact fee.”  Any projects that involve the “common area” which includes the Lake, the Parkway, the Platted Pathways and the road right of way will require permission.  This includes the planting or removing of trees and shrubs on the common areas.  In most cases a current survey is necessary to determine the property lines.  If your project involves driving equipment on the common area a “parkway use permit” is required.  Golf carts on the Parkway require inspection and a registration sticker.  Any changes to docking structures not only require a permit, but also must be approved by the Lake Improvement Board.  The Lake Improvement Board also hears cases requiring variances on non-conforming structures.  This board meets once a month and agendas fill up quickly, so plan accordingly.  The City of Lake Lotawana has their own set of rules and requirements for permits so check with them as well.

There was a time when the standing joke out here was do your project on weekends when no enforcement was around.  I don’t recommend it.  Lately, the board has been directing staff to issue points to offenders who do work without permit.  As you know, if you accumulate enough points, you can lose your Lake Rights.  And the points will keep accumulating until the member makes it right.  It is always a good idea to call the office if there is any uncertainty before you begin planning a project.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at janolson@lakelotawana.net or call the office at 578-4272.


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