11/28/18 – Association News

We would like to thank everyone for attending the Annual Budget Meeting on November 13th and those who voted prior to the meeting.  The members’ response both in attendance at the meeting and the number of ballots voted was impressive.  It’s nice to see such interest in the community. The staff and the Board of Directors appreciate the faith that the membership has shown in our handling of the Association’s finances.   The budget passed (491 – 110.)  The special assessment for the Capital Improvement Fund passed (382 – 226.)  The special assessment for the Roads Reserve Fund passed (452 – 146.)  All three will take effect on January 1st.  The dues and the special assessments will be reflected in the statements that will be mailed later this month.   They are due January 1st, but not delinquent until February 28th.  You can also register your boats early (after January 1st), but only after the 2019 annual dues and assessments have been paid for all properties owned and your docks have passed the electrical inspections.  If you’re not already signed up for trash service (either annual or seasonal) you can do that when you pay your dues. We will also be sending out dock license forms and owner/member forms like we did last year.  Please verify the information, sign and return them to the office.

It is worth mentioning that if there is the slightest chance of winter weather on any given weekend, the Operations Crew will be pretreating the roads with a salt brine solution.  Not only does the pretreatment make plowing easier, but it makes a big difference in how quickly the road gets slick in that transition time between freezing rain and snow.  We watch the weather very closely this time of the year because the safety of our members is at the top of our priority list.  Predicting the weather doesn’t appear to be an exact science and we would prefer to err on the side of caution.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at janolson@lakelotawana.net or call the office at 578-4272.