11/14/18 – Association News

One of the best things about my job is that I have come to expect something new to happen every day.  Today, I got to send the Operations crew out to pull a television set out of the Lake.  I don’t know if it fell off a dock, a boat, or if a disgruntled fan threw it out the window of their home as a response to a game they were watching.

If your Lake home is a part-time residence or you’re spending the winter months someplace a little warmer, don’t forget to prepare for it.  Every year we hear stories about broken pipes and flooded homes because the members forgot to turn off the water.  Use plumber’s antifreeze in the toilets and disconnect your hoses from the outdoor faucets.  Put lights on timers and ask your neighbors to check on things occasionally.

The Operations Crew will be out with the leaf vacuum cleaning the ditches for the next couple of weeks.  Greg has been marking dead trees on the parkway and the tree crew will be out dropping them soon.

Last issue I asked for caution while driving on the Lake roads due to it getting dark earlier.  I was reminded by a few of our residents that it’s not just the Lake roads, but some of the arteries as well that require caution while driving. Those that feed into Gate 7, the triangle at 7 Highway and Milton Thompson, and the Colbern Road crossing at Gate 2 have all had their share of serious accidents recently. I’m sure there are others.  If you are out walking (or playing) on the roads, wear some light-colored or reflective clothing to help keep you safe.  We want everyone back for next year’s boating season.

The Association Office will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday and Saturday.  We’ll be gone from November 22nd through Monday November 26th and be back on Tuesday.  Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you happen to see a couch or a stereo floating in the Lake.  The Board of Directors, Office Staff and Operations Crew would like to wish every one of our members a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Submitted by:  Jan T. Olson – Executive Director

If you need to reach me for anything, please email me at janolson@lakelotawana.net or call the office at 578-4272.