10/24/18 – Patrolling the Pond

One must say we have had about every type of weather this summer one could imagine:  micro bursts, heavy winds, tornado, and drenching rain.  Gee, I wonder what winter is going to bring us?  I already see the leaves turning the first part of October……might be an interesting winter as well……just leave the ice storms out of our forecast.

I’ve said it once, twice, three times and now four………tie your watercraft to your lift, shore station, pier, or dock.  October 8th, we had with well over 11 inches of water flowing into our lake.  I ventured out and had to retrieve seven watercraft that were floating on the Pond.  I saw another dozen that were close to floating away, none of them tied.  Docks aren’t too bad with lifts if the lift stays up; however, shore stations is a whole different problem.  When one cranks the lift to the maximum height that is it….the water level can rise above it and away goes your watercraft……this was the problem with six of the seven craft being PWCs that were towed.  Most year-round homeowners will check their boats during and after a heavy rain, but weekend individuals either need drive out and check their property or better yet, call your neighbor and ask them to view your property for any possible damage or missing craft.  When our toys are out floating in the lake, they can become damaged or they can cause property damage to another watercraft or docks and you are liable.  Why take the chance?

We had another deer in the lake in Big Rock Cove; however, this one died in the water due to a tick disease.  The animal craves water and naturally dives into our Pond to quench his/her thirst.  There isn’t much one can do.  Missouri Conservation says let the animal die….seems a little cruel.  A deer jumped into the water last season, three great Lotawana residents helped in pulling the animal out of the lake, but to no avail, as soon as he was on land he rushed back to the water.  If we have any more of these animals pass away in the lake, contact me.  About the only thing I can do is tow the remains to the spill-way and the Operations Crew can remove the deer with a Bobcat and bury the animal. One could say it’s part of the Circle of Life.

The local news stations forecast snow flurries for our area and Pike’s Peak in Colorado is to receive 14 inches at the peak.  I feel winter is just around the corner.  A lot of homeowners have already been pulling their watercraft off the lake.  I usually wait till after Halloween but went ahead and made the decision to winterize and store it early.

Stay safe, enjoy the winter and see ya on the Pond next spring.