10/1/20 – Patrolling the Pond

Welcome to fall and the close of another summer on the Pond.

I’ve already noticed several homeowners already pulling their boats and getting them winterized.  I enjoy boating around the lake in October and sometimes into November, it’s so peaceful and quiet.  Marcella and I were having dinner  on the outside deck at the Marina the other night, looking out across the water watching a couple of boats go by, a light breeze sweep across lake, and people just out having a good time.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Still had another boat get loose and float into the main body.  Don’t know how many times I need to keep saying,” Tie up your watercraft and check your knots.”  Some people aren’t so lucky, and their watercraft comes back with damage to theirs or another boat.  If you’re not aware, our toys cost a lot more money today than they did ten years ago.

I want to give out one more “shout out” to Tom and Sue Croker in C block.  Tom was fishing one day by the patrol dock and noticed our American flag had several holes in it from fishing lures and the weather tattered the ends.  He went out and purchased the Patrol a new flag and holder.  Many thanks Tom & Sue.

The long range forecast says we are to warm up a bit; however, if we do get a sudden freeze and you are worried about your boat especially outboards……remember, you can add stabilizer to the tank and fuel lines and run the motor a bit to circulate, but don’t just pull the watercraft and leave it on the trailer.  At the least, drop the motor into the water.  Usually the water temperature is much warmer than the air temp.

Some tips for Santa……1. a few homeowners need a new ski flag and holder.  NO Suction Cups! 2.  Metal numbers and a letter for your dock.  3.  Rope to tie down your watercraft. 4. New stern lights or bulbs…..some lights are so dim one is on top of the watercraft before you know it’s there. 5. Your very own copy of the Rules & Regulations of the Lake. 6. Map of the Lake with blocks listed especially for the new families…..I believe that count is 102 new members.

Please remember counter clock-wise especially around the points at Z and K block.  I know, “There is no one on the lake.”  ARE YOU SURE?

Stay safe this fall and enjoy the Pond.


See ya